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It’s time to stop proving, and start living.


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intuitive oracle card reading

As a personal development tool, the purpose of an Oracle Card Reading is to provide you with general guidance, clarity or direction. Cards are used as a way to get to know yourself better and can help you to start seeing the world through a different lens.

Readings are not done live and will be emailed within 2-business days of ordering.


1-to-1 coaching

If you’re ready to make major changes in your life and/or business, and you want laser-focused time with Caitlin on a 1-to-1 basis, then this may be the option for you!

Sessions will take place via Zoom video conferencing.

Schedule a connection call below to make sure you’re a good fit for the deep, spiritual + transformational type of coaching I offer!


transformation 2020

{signature program}

This option combines Mastermind-type group coaching along with private 1-to-1 coaching and is for the woman who is done playing small and is ready to transform her life and/or business by stepping into the essence of who she is while being fully supported by Caitlin and a group of soul-sisters.

This program runs once per year, and the next round begins Spring 2020!

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Contact Caitlin Earle, life and business coach from Ossipee, NH!

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Client Love

“As a busy wife, mother of two and businessowner running through the day-to-day duties and responsibilities, life was beginning to feel like a huge undertaking. There was little time for me to focus and enjoy my day-to-day life. I was having anxiety daily and at times full blown panic attacks. I felt guilty daily that I was not able to feel happy and fulfilled; I had a good life, why couldn't I get out of my own way?

The first few times I met with Caitlin we hashed out my fears, concerns, anxiety. Her biggest question was what did I want to get out of this. I answered, “honestly I just want to simplify, I want to enjoy what I have and not feel burdened or overwhelmed daily”. Caitlin gave me so many tools to get my anxious thoughts out of my head and then to be able to understand them and heal from them. I began to take so much pressure off myself and not feel bad or lazy about it. This changed my life. I stopped doing things because I had to and started evaluating how I felt and what would make me feel good today. Wow.

I am four months into my coaching and three months post opt from knee surgery and I have had so much growth. I started a small crafting business, which helped supplement lost income and turned out to be a great coping mechanism for my anxiety.  I have been able to embrace the slower pace of life, and I’m really beginning to feel content and comfortable with myself. I started actually listening to what I needed to do and say, to believe in myself and take care of those needs. I need to take care of me so I can take care of my family. As I regain more energy and physical ability I continue to work on keeping things simple. Will this nourish me at the end of the day? Shifting my mindset and taking pressure off myself has been life changing. Caitlin has helped me develop a daily practice to set intentions for my time and if things don't go as planned, that’s okay. It’s a practice, it’s a mindset. I’m not doing anymore, I’m “being”! Coaching has been a life changing investment!

My advice to anyone thinking about coaching is that you will get more out of it than you expect. I just keep peeling back layers and feel like I’m finally getting to know myself. I’ve always spent time and money on the external physical part of my body and always left feeling partially whole. This time I decided to invest from the inside-out, I needed to workout what was going on with my mindset and start there. It has trickled down and is pouring outward now, everything seems to be linking together. You are worth the time.”

~Nicole Keyes, Owner - River’s Ravine Custom Crafted Wood Signs

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